Amulet of Shinnok

Closeup of shinnok's amulet and amulet staff

The Amulet of Shinnok, attached atop Shinnok's staff, as portrayed in Mortal Kombat 4

The Amulet of Shinnok was among the most potent of mystic talisman within the realms. Millenia ago, Shinnok concentrated his power within it, in a bid to control the realms. He was only narrowly thwarted by Raiden.

For ages thereafter, it remained mostly unknown and hidden deep within the Temple of Elementals in Earthrealm.

It was later retrieved by the original Sub-Zero after the Lin Kuei was so hired by Quan Chi.

It would thereafter continue to be play a major role in the various Mortal Kombats and struggles for the realms; most notably, during the events of Mortal Kombat 4, when Shinnok would rise from the Netherealm in another bid for total conquest..

Before the events of Deception when Shujinko gathers all the 6 Kamidogu and placed them on an altar to the Elder Gods within the Nexus, then suddenly Onaga the Dragon King of Outworld upon his return from the dead reveals to Shujinko that he had not gathered all of them. And the seventh and final kamidogu left turn out to be Shinnok's amulet in the hands of the sorcerer Quan Chi before he arrrives in his homeworld to reclaim his kingdom and obtain the amulet to begin reshaping reality itself in his own image.

What has become of the Amulet of Shinnok and the danger it poises remains uncertain.



Shinnok's Amulet is one of the many essences of power in the Mortal Kombat Universe. It symbolizes the very greatness in the magical arts. For every person whom wields the cursed amulet of Shinnok power, will increase their powers drastically. For example, when Shinnok wields the amulet his main power, immortality, increased to the point of pure immortality, which is the ability to resurrect himself. Another use of the amulet is teleportation via portal. These portals may teleport you anywhere in any realm, as long as it is a real environment of course. Lastly it is said that if the Staff of Shinnok is combined with the Amulet, ultimate power will be achieved

Wielders and Uses

Current: Quan Chi


Onaga: Greather Invulnerablilty

Shinnok(Fake but real at first): Wanted to Increase his Magic; Pure Immortality

Sub-Zero(Fake): Undefined

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