Amara was an Edenian mortal woman, and the mother of the Edenian demi-god, Rain.

After discovering his true heritage, Rain would learn that he was the illegitimate child of the Edenian god Argus and an Edenian woman, but her identity remained a mystery. In his non-canon MK11 ending, he uses the Hourglass to reveal the truth: his mother was an Edenian woman named Amara. Her affair with Argus would conceive Rain, making him half-god and half-Edenian. Argus wanted to get rid of Rain for unspecified reasons (possibly to hide the fact he had a bastard son from the denizens of Edenia and more importantly his own wife, Delia), and so lied to Amara claiming that Rain is a stillborn. Argus would throw him away to live among the peasants of Edenia. Amara's heart became broken, and she would eventually die out of grief for her child.


  • It is possible Rain inherited his water powers from her, much like how Taven and Daegon inherited their fire powers from their mother Delia. This, however, is not confirmed, and whether Amara possesses water powers in the first place or not remains unknown.
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