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Allison Young is a character in the 2021 film Mortal Kombat. Allison is the wife of Cole Young.


Allison Young is the wife of Cole Young, a struggling MMA fighter and the mother of Emily Young. Allison is smart, protective and a devoted mother, but no longer watches Cole's fights, unable to bear watching him taking such pain. For his part, Cole loves Allison deeply, but fears that he is letting her down, that he is not and never will be good enough for her or their child.


Allison Young was present as her husband, Cole Young, prepared to fight a man named Ramirez for $200. She, along with their daughter Emily, helped him get suited up for the fight. However, when the referee asks if she was going to stick around, Allison reminded him that she did not stick around to watch Cole fight anymore. "Give the people a good show, huh? Or they won't stick around either," the referee comments to Cole.

Following the fight, Cole took his wife and daughter out to a restaurant. Allison asked Emily how things went and Emily replied that Cole was "this close" to beating Ramirez. They went to order when Cole noticed that it began to snow while she pointed out that "But it's July,". They were then attacked by a masked warrior with the power to manipulate ice. Soon, Jax Briggs, a man Cole met earlier, showed up, driving them away in his truck. He provided Cole the truck, telling him to get to safety then seek out Sonya Blade. Cole just did this after taking Allison and Emily back home. Allison protested at his leaving them, but he told her that they would be safe. Cole said to Allison if he stayed, the strange warrior could shows up and could kill them all. Allison countered that Jax could have already killed it, but Cole replied that they had to make sure.

This began Cole's journey in which he travelled to the Temple of Lord Raiden along with Sonya and Kano, to train for the Mortal Kombat Tournament. There, Cole learned that he was the descendant of the legendary ninja, Hanzo Hasashi. However, when he failed to awake his "Arcana" power, Lord Raiden sent him him back to his wife and daughter. Allison was working at home when Cole returned, appearing in a flash of lightning outside. Delighted to see him, she rushed forward and gave the dejected man a warm embrace.

Later, Allison was with Cole and Emily when they heard a strange noise outside. They went to check, but Cole told them to wait as he stepped outside and investigated some strange black smoke. Then, from inside the family's shed emerged Goro, a powerful four-armed Shokan champion.

Cole told both Allison and Emily back inside, but Allison could bear to simply hide. She shouted Cole's name as Goro swatted him aside before turning to her and Emily. Cole shouted that he was the one he wanted and retreated into the shed to lure Goro there, while Allison and Emily continued to watch from the doorway. Allison held Emily back as Goro and Cole emerged from the ruins of the shed. Goro then threatened to tear out Cole's spine. "Fuck this," declared Allison and grabbed a nearby ax. She rushed up to Goro, slamming the ax into Goro's back and baring her teeth in anger. The move, however, seemed to do little more than annoy Goro, who smacks her away. Emily then helps her up and she shouts for them to get into the truck. They get inside and Allison starts it up, but Goro stops it and then begins smashing in the roof before smashing off one of the doors and pulling Allison out of the truck. Seeing the danger to his wife and daughter finally unlocks Cole's arcana power, forming a suit of armor. As Goro moved to deliver the fatal blow to Allison, Cole rushed forward. Goro used the car door to slam him away, but he seemed to gain power from the attack via absorbing the kinetic engerge. Using this new power along with a set of tonfas, he sliced Goro apart. Afterwards, Cole hugged both Allison and Emily, asking if they were okay. Allison assured him they were fine, asking if he was okay as well. Later, a lightning portal created by Raiden appeared. Allison asked what it is, while Cole assured her it was okay as the lightning was a doorway back before stepping through.

Following this, while Cole and the other Earthrealm warriors battled the various champions of Outworld, Allison packed belongings together with Emily. Emily questioned whether Cole would be able to find them, but Allison assured her it was okay and she just wanted to get them out there, lest another four-armed monster show up. Her feared were justified as while another four-armed monster did not show up, Sub-Zero did. She gasped upon seeing Sub-Zero, who then returned to taunt Cole, getting the Earthrealm champion to follow him to the gym, where Sub-Zero had encased both Allison and Emily in a palace of ice. Cole then fought Sub-Zero, unexpectedly summoning his ancestor, the legendary Hanzo Hasashi whose wife and son Sub-Zero killed centuries ago. Now called himself Scorpion, Hanzo not only defeated Sub-Zero along with Cole, but used the fires of Hell he gained control of to free both Allison and Emily. After the battle, Cole hugged both Allison and Emily, before wrapping them in a towel to warm them up. Lord Raiden then appeared with the other champions and Liu Kang had Allison and Emily sit, using his own power over fire to warm them. They smile at him.



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